visceral reality

We share a visceral fear of the inconvenient truth
that the welfare falls far short of covering basic costs

Cost of living constantly rises yet dole stays the same
people cannot afford to live below the poverty line

When people can’t afford sufficient food or health
their spirit to survive is slowly drained by stealth

Politicians claim increasing it will not put people in jobs
diverts attention that they haven’t created employment

We all need to get very real about welfare recipients
and increase payments to cover their basic needs ..

daily prompts: Visceral


  1. So many systems are self defeating. People who know how must speak to change the system. A safety organization wanted to get a higher approval rating to help a larger area. Those in charge of overseeing unit practice drills refuse to even see one of the scenarios they created because the ‘judges’ didn’t know how to rate them so they wouldn’t let them proceed. It was all political because the bigger near by cities didn’t have the approval rating the ‘judges’ didn’t want to give it to a smaller community to show up the bigger cities. However the person in charge of putting the practice drill is fighting to get the needed approval because ‘they’ know their group is trained for coping with the safety challenges that could arise.

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  2. I get sick of hearing people say that the unemployed don’t want to work, perhaps a few can be categorized like that, but the majority don’t even get the option. The place I’m working now will let anyone give it a try, but it’s a skilled job so unfortunately few make it through the probationary period. Giving welfare recipients a bit more money might allow them to get a bit of training which would assist.

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  3. Reblogged this on Job Path and commented:
    thank you, as a welfare recipient I see costs go up and yet no acknowledgement from successive Governments. The Irish Taoiseach says we are cheats and fraudulant while he ignores white collar crime. This criminalisation of the poor is spreading across the EU with the French President saying ‘Lazy’. We need work and jobs that pay a living wage and use our skills and experience. We need talking with not too.

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    • Agree totally! Govts are blaming the poor while making it easier for the rich. If it continues this way there will be big troubles as oppressed people will have NO alternative but to rise up.

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  4. I have no idea why someone hasn’t come up with a work/benefits based system. In the USA there are endless jobs that people could do whilst receiving benefits. They could clear up roadways, work in hospitals, work in prisons, homeless shelters, animal shelters. We already see prisoners doing jobs like that. Work gives people a sense of pride and something to put on their resume. No one should be hungry in the USA.

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    • we also have a work/benefits system here in Australia Kerry but employers often use ‘free’ labour to save them paying employees … so the system can become self-defeating in many cases …nobody should go hungry in our countries but far too many do 😦

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