What ignites your passion,
lights your fire, inspires you?
What makes you ooze with enthusiasm?

When you get into the zone
how do you feel when things flow?
How can you tap into this more often?

Do you indulge this sensation,
allow yourself to enjoy the flow?
Life is short so just let go ..

daily prompt: Ooze


  1. Thanks for the inspiration. At my age, I can’t afford to hold anything back. I may never get another chance to use it. Sometimes it gets me into trouble but what are they going to do… make me go back and try again.

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  2. I love this Kate…at 41, holding back is not anymore part of my vocabulary because obviously i am not getting any younger…so i make the most and do mostly those that i am very passionate about…

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  3. […] Passion ignites our creativity in whatever form it takes and if genuinely pursued it can greatly empower and enhance our lives. It can take many forms such as blogging, career, craft, gardening, hobby, meditation, music, photography, service group, spirituality, travel, trekking, writing … […]


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