society is lurching drunkenly
avoiding constructive solutions for refugees
we start the wars then ignore the aftermath

there are laws against abuse and violence
yet the courts and law enforcers flounder
not providing protection for the vulnerable

our oceans are clogged with plastic
while resources are squandered
the poor struggle to survive

yet the wealthy are oblivious
to the growing discontent
when will we stop the lurching

to focus on realistic solutions
we can only grow when we address
our issues .. we need balance for all

daily prompt: Lurch


  1. There are a few companies devoted to using the plastic recovered from the ocean – on is called 4Ocean. I saw something different the other day too… but I can’t recall it that is using the ocean’s plastic waste. Too bad people litter at all. There are fines for littering – but they don’t seem to be enforced. The next nice day I have after the holidays I’m going to take two plastic bags… one for litter and one for recycle waste pick up some of my neighborhood streets.

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