Most of us are entranced with the power of words
we weave and mould them to express our thoughts

We write because we are compelled, we have no choice
poetry, short stories our creativity is given a real voice

Different languages are used, we add photos and graphics,
clips and sound-recordings, any tool to share our view

And if perhaps we manage to put you into a trance,
entertain and enthral you then we have succeeded

Not every thing we write hits that spot but occasionally
we get lucky, our words connect and open your heart

daily prompt: Trance


  1. You described the writing life perfectly! We write because we have to, whether it reaches anyone else or not. But when it does and that connection is formed, then that’s the true jackpot!

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  2. We need words! To encourage us, make us laugh, make us think, give us a differing perspective, cause connections (make us feel less alone), etc!
    Thank you for your words, Kate! For your poems, posts, comments on my posts! 🙂
    I think we should always write our words, we never know who is reading them, who needs them, who will be helped by them. 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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  3. So perfectly expressed Kate. It’s so depressing when it does not hit the ‘spot’ because when you click the publish button, you’ve just opened your heart for people to read…and then nobody reads it.

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  4. Very good post! We do write hoping to inspire others or challenge them in some way. But, the real reason we write is because we are compelled from within and don’t have another choice!

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  5. This is so wonderful…I especially love the line–“Not every thing we write hits that spot but occasionally we get lucky, our words connect and open your heart”. And, I’m with you: writing is a compulsion…a Godsend…the only thing of its kind 🙂

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