David did a post this morning on a technique he uses to flex his creative writing skills.  He selects random words and then writes them into a story .. here is my first attempt, really enjoyed it so give it a go.

my words: melt devices seeped walk assistance between kind

The day was really hot and sweaty as I drove across the desert, thank heavens I had a reliable four-wheel drive. Had an interview with a mother and daughter who had been abused at the hands of their son/brother. We needed to get this issue higher profile so that they would feel heard and believed in order to stop this dreaded disease spreading.

Cricky it was hot! It was the kind of humidity that just seeped through your bones. Hot enough to melt the bitumen. Am just so grateful that I don’t have to walk anywhere, driving with the air con is stifling enough.

Finally arrived in the small outback town, better know for harbouring Ned Kelly and where Donald Mackay was murdered. These women needed all the support and assistance that we could gather as the trauma of their court case drew closer.

Odd how these tiny insignificant towns seemed to fester the unusual. Between the boring endless flat plains to get here, no real entertainment or activities for anyone, few passing strangers for distraction or affairs, what were people to do. Even their devices seldom worked, the city slickers would be really challenged out here. Had seen this kind of thing all too often and the damaged it caused seemed irreparable.