Girls are spicing things up in Australia

One café has an 18% surcharge for male customers to reflect the wage gap

A naming and shaming FB page has started for rape
coz the legal system is complicit

Supermarkets have been challenged to discount tampons
coz pollies whack a 10% luxury tax on them

Same sex marriage, what to say, pollies could save a lot of time and
$22 million but persist in delaying the inevitable

daily prompt: Spicy

how does your country handle these things?


  1. This is interesting – it shows how the world is changing and how ignorant politicians and useless legal systems cannot simply ignore problems. People have a voice now and it’s good to see it’s used. Let’s hope it’s not corrupted. 🙂

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  2. A strange item to consider a luxury. I’m not keen on the 18% surcharge on male customers. I understand the discrepancy in wages, and it needs to be fixed. But to hold people who are not making laws culpable is wrong. I’d avoid that cafe.

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    • lol tight wad … it’s more about making a statement because nobody will address the issue no matter the pleas .. some men are going out of their way to patronise the cafe and gladly pay more than 18% which goes to a women’s refuge … I can assure you there are plenty of cafes around if men prefer to avoid it 😦

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  3. Excellent! You go, Girls! Women need to stand up for themselves AND for each other if things are ever going to change.

    In an old advertisement, they used to say to women, “You’ve come a long way, Baby! To get where you got to today…” Too bad it was to convince women to smoke cigarettes and too bad things haven’t changed like they should for women in the workplace, etc. 😦

    I saw a documentary on the 1960’s when African Americans and women were trying to get things to change for them. I cried, because I realized it’s like we are taking steps backwards instead of forwards these days. People died in the 1960’s fighting for equal rights…and it seems things have not changed enough. 😦


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    • sadly Carolyn I believe things barely moved, sure a few laws did get passed but seldom are they enforced and when police claim they’ve ‘lost’ most of the evidence so the case falls over but that evidence turns out to be intact … really … is it incompetence or collusion 😦

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  4. It is odd what is taxable and what isn’t. One can only hope that enough voices will be heard to change what appears to be stupidity in action. There are more women than men. We need to speak up. I admire those gents that are paying the extra.

    Human interpretation of should and should not’s needs to go back in history to see what was acceptable and why it changed… mores change because of the inability to see past one’s own fog. Acceptance and tolerance of several issues needs to be addressed and in positive ways.

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