The relationship hadn’t gone so well but as they shared a similar business interest they decided to set up the café anyway. They were equally dedicated to making this new venture work as being over fifty they both knew that they were past their expiry date for regular employment.

She would whip up edible creations and he would keep the books and serve. The piano didn’t fit into his tiny studio after their split but they did manage to fit it into the café where he could tickle the ivories when business was quiet. This was their chance to see if they could make it work but now with two rents and double the bills the pressure to succeed mounted.

Trying to keep it on a professional basis really stretched their capabilities, as he liked to flirt with people of any age. His outgoing personality made her feel insecure with her rounded plain appearance. But he still managed to flirt with men and women equally no matter their physical attributes. Her resentment rose from time to time but gradually she began to realise that it was just his personality. He could no more stop flirting than he could stop the traffic outside.

Being thrown together daily made her confront her insecurities and he grew more appreciative of her talents … the partnership had forced them to communicate frankly and a closeness they hadn’t known was slowly growing.

Daily Prompt: Partner – appreciate your feedback as this is not my usual style, thanks


  1. This is wonderful, Kate. You paint a lovely, succint picture of these people’s lives and aspirations, while holding enough back for the reader to fill in. I would just say that it would be nice to see ‘how’ she confronted her insecurities, and ‘how’ he appreicated her at the end rather than being told it — since you did such a great job describing their behaviour and habits in the preceeding paragraphs. But overall, great work. Would love to read more like this from you. 🙂

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  2. You are a very good story teller Kate…i love the point of view you used her…which made the piece more interesting as the speaker/narrator has a completw access to the characters…even up to what was goin on with their minds

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  3. A wonderful story, Kate! And I’m glad the 2 of them are learning from each other! When we have an open heart and an open mind, we can see things in ways we never thought possible. Even things we perceived as negative, can turn into positives. I bet as they grow closer, they grow as individuals, too! 🙂 Great job, Kate! I find myself intrigued, wanting to know more about them and their future!
    HUGS!!! 🙂
    PS…I am very friendly and extroverted and chatty and have been “accused” of being flirty. It really is just my personality. So, when I need to, I pull back, because I really am NOT flirting with anyone.

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