The Dressmaker

When Kate Winslet’s character, the dressmaker, returns to her tiny outback town to reconnect with her mother and wreck revenge for being exiled as a child her memory of the precipitating event is somewhat foggy. She knows that a bully died when she was present and therefore blamed. This movie has it all … small town attitudes, bullying, abuse, mental health issues and a murder.

But I assure you all of this is done with great flare, high fashion and a deep level of intensity and wit. The characters are all wildly eccentric and I’m sure I’ve met a few although none quite like the local cop, Hugo Weaving. Be prepared to have your emotions tugged this way and that. There will be tears, laughter and creativity like you can’t imagine … the cinematography, the script, the characters and all their lives. Anyone from a remote rural town will relate to this movie with raw Australian influence.

Judy Davis plays her mother and Liam Hemsworth her love interest, and everybody will be in awe of his abs. There is the creepy chemist, a nasty teacher with arrogant bored townsfolk all ready to misinterpret every little thing. It seems exaggerated but that adds to the flavour of isolated bigotry that we have all experienced.

daily prompt: Foggy


  1. Might have to look into seeing if this move is now available at our local ‘Redbox’ rental.
    I’m not sure if the theaters have shut down… yet, but there hasn’t been much that I have wanted to pay to see.

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  2. Not seen this one but sounds intriguing. Love Judy Davis and Hugo Weaving so will look this one up. Thanks for the information, Kate.

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