Politics, inequality, housing and health
so many substandards creeping by stealth
survival a constant struggle without wealth

How did our world come to this
care and connection seem remiss
sealed by the have’s with a blow off kiss

So let us support each other with genuine care
be kind, do favours, give and share all you dare
ensure that community and connection are not rare

From little things big things can grow
start right now for we are what we sow
strive to help others for no one is a foe

Daily Prompt:  Substandard


  1. yes, starting in the community is a great solution, perhaps an only solution in this day and age; neighbours are extended families, and blood families are most often separated by distance or the custodian of responsibility that stealthy chains them down. it should be a view that communities ‘are’ families, I think it is a good idea, which could be developed instead of the detachment that exists within most communities. A lovely poem.

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  2. Well Kate…this is really what thw world needs now..i mean in our country alone..with our current status; the least we can do for each other is care …care to pray….care to to assist…

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  3. As we make rearrangements it is a good reminder to understand that most of us come from the same space and can spread joy with even a smile. Actions do speak to the heart – May all hearts rejoice with the help they receive and vow to return such kindnesses.

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