Satisfied by Nature

Nature offers me great satisfaction ..

sail - 1

and more so when she provides a natural frame for my shot


WPC: Satisfaction

or enjoy my poem, Satisfied, on the same topic

Ever wonder why we are so dissatisfied?
Unhappy with our lot?
Closely watch what others have got?
Our relationships lacking somewhat?

Not quite sure if we are successful?
Mind and body not so zestful?
The only offender is our own deluded mind!
Restless, wanting – check and see what you find?

We invent our own unrealistic fantasies,
Obsessed with self-concern

[click on ‘my poem’ to read the rest … ]


  1. Nature is paradoxically peaceful and chaotic, soothing and frightening, balanced and temperamental, stunning and scarred. Such interesting juxtaposition in a world that’s at once beautiful and appalling, I suppose.

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  2. What is in the hole of the trunk of the tree? (2nd photo) – a cockatoo or an animal of sorts?

    First photo is like our ficus trees here…I call it hauntingly beautiful as our local folklore claims that a lady spirit will also live in this tree. Ficus tree roots are destructive to buildings and a ceremonial offering is done before they eradicate the tree before it undermines the structure of a building.

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  3. YES!
    Beautiful, Kate!
    I can’t imagine a day without nature…sky and earth and plants and animals and insects, etc. 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂
    PS…I have been WP AWOL…I am “liking” your posts to let you know I am reading them! Just not leaving comments on each of them…don’t want to flood you with comments. 🙂

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