Pest or Best

Some consider seagulls a pest begging for our lunch
stealing our chips before they even enter our lips

But any who’ve read about Livingstone
knows that they are great adventurers

Pitting their might against the sea
risking their life, flying free

It’s all in our attitude of how we regard
others as pests or give them respect

If considered a pest then why try their best
if respected they have more to live up to ..

It’s our choice to lift others to aim higher
better than forcing them into a quagmire

Daily Prompt: Pest


  1. Exactly, Kate! Are gulls especially bothersome, or are we merely “supposed” to resent them?

    To me, gulls are cheerful reminders of vacation. They’ve followed the rivers into the continent, meaning they’re even around here, where the closest saltwater is hundreds of miles away, and across the mountains.

    That versatility always amazes.

    As you and others have observed elsewhere in this post, so it goes with other species as well. Though certain traits may be undesirable, other qualities inspire admiration. Why waste time obsessing over the negative when there’s a life to be lived?

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  2. So true, Kate! Beautiful!

    All pests don’t mean to be pests…sometimes they are just being themselves. 😀

    When I lived near the Pacific ocean I always enjoyed watching the seagulls! They always seem busy and happy. And one time I saw seagulls in Denver, Colorado! I didn’t know seagulls went that far inland!

    HUGS!!! 🙂

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  3. Pest or not but seagulls are great subject to those who wants to learn photography. I like the photo.
    About stealing or asking for food, isn’t it us humans who have started feeding them at some point.

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  4. True that on Livingston seagull!

    A pest! A pest!
    I squealed my best,
    Seeing an unwanted guest!

    Scram…shoo at my behest,
    Surely you jest,
    Argues my pest..
    I am nothing but the best!

    Seagulls a pest?
    Seagulls building a nest,
    Surely seagulls can be our guests?

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