Finished my session and made a cuppa
to drink on my roof three floors up
gazing out across the patchwork fields
I smile at the memory of the planting
families with their oxen plough
then dig and sow by hand
In remote northern villages Indians
toil the earth while their livestock
are quartered next to their mud home

But today I spot a movement and spy
a magnificent white snow leopard
he immediately hid himself when he felt my gaze
not used to being so close to humans
and my eyes drifted further across the fields
to witness the tea pickers in the plantations
further up the mountain then I realised that
this splendid beast probably slept quietly
in that plantation and hunted at night above

the snow line … now he had exposed himself
to glimpses from our windows as he searched
for shelter from the pickers until nightfall
would hide his presence as he did what
wild beasts do … at first I thought it was
wishful thinking but I glimpsed him a few
days later, a neighbour confirmed my sightings
but no one would believe our luck
as no such creatures were heard of locally

Daily Prompt: Tea