Traditional Australia


 strolling through the burnt bush to watch the rejuvenation!


Enjoying the annual Coastal Walk and cultural activities!

or read the wise words from one of our traditional landowners,
Uncle Herb Wharton an internationally acclaimed author

what traditions do you and your family enjoy? or your culture?

Daily Prompt: Traditional



  1. He won a Norm Smith playing on the wing for West Coast. Never could bring myself to shoot one before another fence appeared. Majestic creatures.

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      • I hit one outside of Deniliquin one twilight. I felt so sad for the poor thing. It jumped out in front of me and I was lucky I was going about 10km under the limit. Did damage to my car. Felt so bad for the poor animal though.

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  2. Kangaroos are so fascinating….I’ve only ever seen them on television, but there’s something about seeing it among the trees that is magical…I like to imagine that I might see one as I stroll a forest here in New Brunswick, Canada…hmm, where could that fictional story-line go? Anyway back to reality–your posts continue to entertain and uplift…thanks for sharing 🙂

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