with such a similar prompt previously I am reblogging this golden oldie, enjoy

Living in harmony brings great peace
for this we need balance in everything
live by our core values and find meaning
avoid over indulgence of desires or materialism

For satisfaction comes purely from within
We each have a good heart
with limitless unconditional love
If we would only pause, listen and connect

I can rave against wars, poverty and abuse
but none of this is of any use
if I don’t tap into my limitless well
then my mind will boil like the turmoil of hell

For peace and harmony come from us
with love, loyalty and kindness a must
Regulars will know this is a common thread
throughout my posts I suggest we step up

For we are the change agents
who can spread love and inclusivity
To make a change we are the individual drops
of water that can build into a powerful waterfall

For we each need to take responsibility
For being the change our world needs
For peace and harmony come from us
And if unable to help at least don’t harm

Yes even the word embraces harm
For that is the real genuine charm
We all need to embrace diversity
To empower true restful harmony!

Two similar poems are sincerity and within …
Source: Harmony