Dormant Within

What talents lie dormant within?
To hide or not use them is a sin
sharing them brings joy to many

Talent is a blessing never a burden
using them brings much benefit
or we are all bereft of your gift

Find your talent as it often
compliments your purpose
it can be the key to meaning

So don’t be miserly or demeaning
allow it to blossom and radiate out
practice makes it stronger, even stout

Daily Prompt: Dormant


  1. Excellent poem with a message that is as true as it was ten thousand years ago. I am sometimes amazed that our “talent” for some particular activity is often something we “don’t want to do.” Once though we get at it, whether it’s writing, gardening, woodworking, speaking to crowds or whatever, we find out how much we enjoy it. And even then sometimes that “love” takes a while to develop. :-).

    Thanks for the positive message!

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  2. This is filled with positive thoughts on harnessing our talents…at times we don’t what it is…or how much and how far we can and go…we need people, events, things or circumstances to bring out the best in us..

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