Disastrous Impunity

So many innocent lives taken by law enforcers ..
Now a woman who called for help is shot dead
she happens to be a wealthy popular Australian
and the headlines here are ugly .. nobody is impressed

So with a psychopath in charge who everybody claims
they didn’t vote for bringing your standing down
by playing a moronic clown, now law enforcers
constantly allowed to kill innocents on the street

With absolutely no consequences, lawmakers
giving them full impunity as the world watches in horror
such events are totally disastrous to their world standing
and confirms that gun toting and killing are constantly common

Daily Prompt: Disastrous

PS this is not just about the senseless taking of innocent lives it’s about law enforcers and lawmakers condoning ongoing killings with full impunity!


  1. Staggering. Beliefs here in Australia are that cops may have been assaulting her… hence dash and personal cams switched off. She was Australian and we are gobsmacked

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    • sadly it clearly shows that nobody is safe .. we were angry about black lives being taken but now that’s expanded out to any innocent person .. that their cams were off should alone be reason for instant dismissal … the world is watching and if they don’t act on this one, if just more hot air like usual they will see a rapid decline in tourism and other consequences 😦

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      • Wouldn’t be the first cops on the job affected by drugs or booze on nightshift or chasing fun.
        See my pink moon posts about my car accident which resulted in police demotions and a big cover up.

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  2. I’d seen a rather thoughtful comment left on one of the news websites. He said, the main problem with the U.S. and their police is that, the police assume everyone is carrying a gun and treat all as such. That’s how insane the gun carrying laws are there. Thought and assessment are out the window. There are no more services to the protect and serve side, outside of military marshall mindsets now. Horrific story for this family.

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    • I agree. I can’t think of a single truly thinking person who can fathom what is going on in that country. Many of us won’t even bother going over the border now because of the insanely crazy new border rules their guards can apply at will. The risk of losing your personal devices – cell phone, laptop, whatever is high if you don’t provide them with your passwords upon demand. It’s incomprehensible.

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  3. People who have guns here can use them according to democracy and in the spirit of what a 2nd ammendment is. On our farms and rural properties they are tools for working safely. As for police globally…. often linked through the lodges etc… claiming patronage of Archangel Michael… don’t get me started. Maybe if they fear for their lives they should stay home. We will pay them the money they love so we can all be safer

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  4. It’s a horrific event, and must be fully investigated that’s sure. But I feel sure there are good cops too, putting their lives on the line to serve their communities. As others have said, the real problem is the free availability of guns. But if the police lose the confidence of the community, then it really will become ‘us against them, which would be a nightmare.

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    • I’m sure every incident is fully investigated, we don’t doubt that .. it’s the fact that these rogue cops are NEVER disciplined let alone charged that is the real farce here .. if the good cops want credibility then they need to make sure these idiots actually pay for their crime …

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  5. From what I’ve read, the officer was ‘startled’ as she approached. Anyone who shoots when they’re startled ought not to have a gun on them. Why he is on paid leave is beyond me. My thoughts and prayers for her and her family.

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    • thanks Rob, it’s just so wrong … she was told by the phone operator to go out and meet them!?! Who would do that when you’ve called in a disturbance, she should never have been outside the safety of her own four walls!

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      • yes he in turn is handing them a loaded gun but there were already two un-investigated complaints about him … sad things all the white cops have got off with no consequences so if they make an example of him .. the implications are very murky …

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  6. Just horrific! I am sorry to hear of this tragedy….I know I should follow current events, but it can be soooo demoralizing….thanks for taking a stand, and making the time to rail against injustice, Kate.

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  7. Just as individuals need to introspect to determine if LIFE is slowly drifting away from an acceptable BALANCE, so too, we must view the relationship between law enforcement and society to determine if its MISSION to create a safe law abiding BALANCE has shifted beyond an acceptable boundary. In my opinion, a panel consisting of community leaders/members and a panel representing law enforcement need to sit down at a table and outline a PLAN OF ACTION to restore faith and confidence. The community has a responsibility (as well) to speak out against UNLAWFUL behavior supporting law enforcement (when appropriate) and to dissuade illegal and unacceptable behavior among its population.

    Tragedies, like Ms. Damond will likely INCREASE due to FEAR of stories involving police assassinations. Times are different and require new guidelines for BOTH community members and police.

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