Just as we can tailor our blogs to showcase our talents
we can tailor our life to empower our passions
by setting priorities that fit with our lifestyle

With discipline and purpose we can stay focused
or become overwhelmed by life’s busyness
for there are too many distractions and diversions

So set your goals and take the tiny steps
to enable your tailoring to be it’s very best
we have the ability to sew a colourful quilt

Or stumble along not quite getting there
choose where you place your energy
and your tapestry will unfold with sheer joy

Daily Prompt: Tailor


  1. The tailor met the drunken sailor,
    Together they drank with their jailor.

    Like sots they became drunken sailors,
    Singing their life’s failures.

    Life’s sometimes well tailored,
    Other times, sadly tailored.

    A tailor, sailor, jailor or bailor,
    We are tailors of our lives!

    *Pardon my silly jingle, inspired by your post!☺

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  2. Ah what a capture. Was it taken in India?
    We want a perfect stich from our tailor for outer appearance.
    But we are our own tailor for our inner self. Let’s get started!

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