Collages of a Bygone Era

how our kids used to play

some things improve with progress but are screens really good for kids ..

collage of a bygone era, kero lamps and saws

kero lamps and hand saws

collage of a bygone era, when we used to execute prinsoners

when we used to execute our prisoners

Please note the overwhelming presence of First Australians featured here … all photos taken at Caboolture Historical Village

WPC: Collage


  1. Great photos, Kate!
    I think kids should be out riding bikes and not sitting in front of monitors/screens. But, then I’m well-seasoned (not old, just well-seasoned! Ha! 😀 ).
    When I was a preschooler, I had a little tricycle like that blue one in the first photo! 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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  2. So interesting, Kate. No, childhood is too short for kids to sit in front of screens! And I’m not surprised at the predominance of First Australian faces. The US still struggles with a justice system that is biased by race. It’s distressing.

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