Buried ..

Are you living in each and every moment
or just treading water in the same old rut

Are you learning new things and trying to grow
or creating great drama in your very own show

Do you help others or keep yourself remote
Do you think deeply before casting your vote

Have you made meaningful connections
or isolated from fear of rejections

Are you contributing to your community
or staid and afraid to share your real care

Do you bury your head avoiding reality
or confront it head on arising to the challenge

What will others remember you by
or will you leave still wondering why

Have you discussed your will and health directive
or avoided talking about it to those who matter

Have you opted for a cremation or burial
What type of memorial would you prefer

For we don’t have to have remarkable talent
to bring great joy to ours and others life

Daily Prompt: Bury


  1. Great questions that we all need to consider!

    “For we don’t have to have remarkable talent
    to bring great joy to ours and others life” !!! You are so right about this, Kate!!! 🙂

    I love how you make us think, remind us of important things, give us good advice, and make us smile/laugh. 🙂

    I want to be cremated and I shared this with my adult kids. I told them, “Before you let them cremate me, make sure I am dead-dead and not just mostly-dead. Here’s how to do this…stand next to my body and say, ‘Mom, Jason Statham (handsome actor!) is here to see you!’ If I am just mostly-dead I will rise up off the slab to see Jason Statham! If I don’t rise up, then I’m dead-dead and you can give them the go-ahead to cremate me.” (My kids just rolled their eyes at me. 😀 )

    HUGS!!! 🙂

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    • it’s not so silly .. one four year old child called everyone in the hospice, patients, staff, visitors and made them all come and say goodbye to Mummy ..Mummy was a very polite well mannered lady and if she ignored so many people then she must be dead, then we had permission to move the corpse… kids know

      thanks for your very kind words Carolyn 🙂

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  2. connecting rather than fame. I came across a saying years ago that has stuck with me – A rut is a grave with the end kicked out – and I think your poem is urging us to live and not get in a rut. 🙂

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