Our latest census shows a massive decline
in people nominating their denomination
have noticed that many avoid such labels

Their actual faith has not declined
just their allegiance to an institution
triggered no doubt by many things

The calculated denial of ongoing abuse
the pressure to tithe and much more
ensures they hesitate to step through a door

They tell me it depends on the preacher
or which one is closest to home
who has the friendliest congregation

All these impact on regular attendance
for power and wealth are losing their influence
Spirituality was abandoned by too many

And maybe this is the way we should vote
not tied to a party that doesn’t perform
but selecting those who actually work for us

Look beyond their rants and banal promises
check their ability to make real change
if we are becoming wiser about our faith

We need to perpetuate this with our vote
for law makers who promote power for people
not laundering others slush funds

Or cutting taxes to benefit their mates
but someone with the guts to make a stand
for what is right in our world today

Who will stop the wars, tax companies and wealth
give the poor liveable benefits and access to health
Question closely to make a stand that really counts