In New Zealand they tether goats on a wire run that stretches along the front fence the length of their property to graze on the verge grass, near by is a small kennel for the poor goat

It was love at first sight!
Tethered by the roadside
cowering in his hut
or shaking on his roof

This poor old billy goat had it rough
so tried to get him but owner was tough
adamantly refused all our pleas

A guest applied with much more zest
got him, loved him, he glad for the rest
had a good leather collar
But she left so Peanut was back on the road

Six months later owner left too
forgot our Peanut, what to do?
Thanks to a visitors cries he’s back
living here permanently now a fact!

He is content, gets regular treats
helps keep our grass real neat
Daily visits sees his tail wagging
for our hugs he’s always nagging

I stroke and scratch
but that ain’t a patch
as he needs many big hugs
or on his chain he still tugs

Had learnt to slip from his collar
just so glad to be off the road
that he will playfully goad
relief at this satisfactory abode

ccc 4.8.2006
Daily Prompt: Tether