It takes real pluck to stand up to injustices
but ignoring them causes moral unrest

We can passively stand by and watch
or become active by speaking up

Injustices include any form of abuse
or manipulating others for your own use

Domestic violence, lying or cheating
trolling, bullying or any form of harm

We all have the resilience and strength
so please pluck up your courage to vent

Take a stand, lend each other a hand
make our world more calm and peaceful

Give the less fortunate an opportunity to thrive
this is the least we can do while we are alive

Daily Prompt:  Pluck


  1. So true, Kate!
    We must always speak up for those people groups who feel they have no voice…that no one listens to them.
    I think ducks have pluck! So we should all be ducks and keep paddling our feet and quacking! 😀
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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  2. Such an IMPORTANT message!! In our turbulent times, I hope people recognize the importance of speaking up in a RESPECTFUL and COURTEOUS manner. When opposing ideology is confronted, change is much less likely to occur if voices are spewing hostility. This shuts down our ability to LISTEN and HEAR eachother’s ideas. We need to be less focused on proving ourselves RIGHT and more focused on discovering the best available options to move forward with greater unity and support. We can disagree, yet continue to work TOGETHER toward achieving positive gains.

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