kind communication is the best way to build bridges to maintain our relationships


foot bridges, brick bridges .. they all get us across the tough times we will face in life

June 76 Paddington Bridge

for every bridge we build will reflect our care in traversing the gaps which bring despair


clear communication brings light to radiate throughout all our relationships

are you building bridges or letting those gaps widen?

WPC:  Bridge


  1. This is beautiful..most if not all, build walls instead of bridges….sometimes even the worst of all relationships has to have bridges built again…after all, we all deserve second chances…maybe third? Fourth?… lol we can never tell…

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  2. In most cases, building bridges is the best thing. Every once in a while, a bridge does need to be burned, but that’s a response that is extreme and should only be used in poisonous relationships, I think.

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  3. What beautiful bridges! And wise words!
    And I love when we can be bridges in life…between people groups, or in friendships, our between co-workers. 🙂
    When I lived in the San Francisco Bay Area I traveled 3 different bridges, including The Golden Gate Bridge.
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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