Our headstones will announce our name
then our date of birth and date of death
Yet the most crucial moments of our life
are defined by the dash between the two

That dash can’t begin to describe
all the things we packed into our life
of our challenges, successes and love
of the kindness and fun that we shared

Of our blogs, adventures and achievements
of the trials we surmounted and the many
friends we encountered along this journey
of our complex families friends and work

Our hobbies interests and our smirk
that simple dash between the two dates
is inadequate to announce how we each
have left our mark on the hearts of so many

Daily Prompt:  Dash


  1. I love this concept Kate… beautifully articulated, and it gives us such a great visual that life happens between our beginning and end. Grab it with both hands…thank you for this poem 💐💕

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  2. I actually made my own epitaph already..and kept a copy of that..
    Told my family in case i go that’s how my epitaph would be ….and ohhh by then they would put “that dash”.

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