This stick is like a magnet for the dogs
fun and excitement to chase it on the beach
there is no way she can throw it out of reach

Some people are drawn to money like a magnet
always needing more for material accumulation
watching such grasping gives me constipation

Good food is a magnet to us all
but we also need basic shelter
without it we suffer mental skelter

Just watched a program on homelessness
and found the community repelled
no attraction here to address their real fear

Take time to have a chat for they need
community and connection just like us
their life a constant struggle, a real cuss

Daily Prompt:  Magnet


  1. Excellent, Kate! 🙂

    Yes, there are so many magnets in life trying to attract us…my wish is that we are drawn to the good ones…so we are doing important and helpful things. 🙂

    Yes, homeless people often say they feel invisible. They are thrilled when someone looks them in the eye and speaks to them…acknowledging that they are there and they have worth.

    Yes, dogs love chasing and fetching sticks! It tickles me to watch them! 😀 My Coop does it with such determination, accuracy, and joy…like it’s his most important job in the world! 😛

    HUGS!!! 🙂

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    • yes, safer to steer clear of the unhealthy magnets 🙂
      I befriended many beggars in India, altho often illiterate they had reasonable English just from listening to foreigners .. so had some reasonable conversations also 🙂
      Yes this lady is dressed in the black and white to match her border collies .. the red dog just joined in the fun 🙂

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