I strongly suggest that people buy local
especially from the farmers markets
Supermarket fruit and veg are laden with toxins
and we need to support our local produce

In Australia we all have a ‘local’
meaning the pub we drink at regularly
usually in our neighbourhood
or sometimes near our workplace

Exploring our locality ensures that
we are familiar with all that’s on offer
the markets, waterways, cafes and parks
community services and things of interest

When I travel mingling with the locals
is the best way to absorb a new culture
Adjusting to living abroad is enhanced
by knowing local families and traditions

I like having a global perspective
but try to integrate on a local level
as it means community connections
Are you integrated into your local area?

Daily Prompt:  Local


  1. Hello Kate,
    Well said and yes I have many local places I love to visit. It’s like meeting friends when we get to know each other through the more personal touch

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  2. Excellent! And I agree!
    What I can’t grow in my garden, I try to buy from farmer’s markets. I, also, try to frequent the small-only-one-of-its-kind cafes and diners…to support the local owners over the big chain businesses.
    For several years now we’ve had a group of volutneers who grow veggies on some land donated by a farmer and then we give the veggies to families in need. The farmer often donates eggs and fruit to be given away, too. I think this is wonderful!
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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    • yes I have seen this happen in many rural areas but sadly not where I am now .. I also much prefer the one-off cafes .. in the city volunteers collect much of the bread, etc at the end of the day to distribute to the homeless .. so many do so much for others we are truly blessed 🙂

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  3. Not as much as I should. It requires more time planning since farmer’s markets are set for specific days only. It is, however, worth the effort on many different levels. Thank you for waking me up to this important concept.

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  4. I live in a rural part of my state and have been blessed to live nearby so many farms that employ environmentally sustainable practices. Aside from the environmental and economical support, the local stuff just tastes delicious compared to the supermarket stuff.

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    • Yes. I never use pesticides. Ever. Keep the plant healthy and it produces it’s own defense. I had read that plants treated with pesticides are lower in antioxidants than those untreated. Antioxidants are produced in larger quantities when the plant has to build it’s own defense against an insect invader.

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  5. This is so true Kate..we have weekend local markets even in big supermarkets …during this time local farmers (even processed or canned goods makers) are given the chance to showcase their products and sell it..what i love about this idea is you get to realize some goods are actually produced here too..

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    • I love to wander around them, buy loads of exotic fresh fruit and veg maybe meet people I know … always an interesting adventure. But ours are well away from the supermarkets who have a monopoly here and rob our farmers.

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