I’m always greatly relieved
when a post is well received
when I can make a poem rhyme
and the weather is fine

When the domestics get done
as I procrastinate, it’s not fun
When there is enough to pay the bills
and I’m healthy, avoiding all ills

I’m greatly relieved
when I catch up with good friends
when I buck growing trends
when winter really ends

All of these are a part of daily life
doing them keeps me out of strife
What tasks challenge you
that bring relief once you do?

Daily Prompt:  Relieved – this is very tongue in cheek … but maybe a little bit true lol


  1. Excellent, as ever. I just ramble on. Saying that, Kate I have started that “Interview” with you, finished part one don’t know if you want to take it like that or the entire thing. I am not exciting or been adventurous like you, its just about me, boring me so if you are happy about that let me know poppet.

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  2. A lovely piece of writing from you Kate. Yes, some are challenging indeed. Vacuuming would be my challenge… just so awkward to use and noisy too! But ironing is one I enjoy…
    Great question 🙋🏻💐

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