As post 300 I pray this helps even one …

Too often we bottle our emotions
and situations that cause us angst
healthier to confront them
with constructive support and tools

If we compress and compact them
they may ripen into dis ease
for in-held anger becomes depression
or sickness may grow rampant

The preface of Jennifer’s book
shares how she wrote notes
tied them to a rock and then
threw them into the river

Such ‘cleansing’ rituals help HEAL
Healthiest to find our own
Mine incorporates a meditation
listing out all qualms that might harm

Deeds unintentionally gone haywire
unskilful words that might hurt
harmful attitudes
and all that blisters

Buy black sesame seeds
for the colour reflects the darkness
Light a fire in safe conditions
and burn them with a scooped hand

Thinking of those things outstanding
that would benefit from a life BAN
knowing that if I bottle them
I’m filling myself with toxins

downloadHealthier Potions

Catholics had confession
some write or work it out
Do you have such a ‘cleansing’ ritual
to keep your mind/heart clean?

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