Bottle Bane

As post 300 I pray this helps even one …

Too often we bottle our emotions
and situations that cause us angst
healthier to confront them
with constructive support and tools

If we compress and compact them
they may ripen into dis ease
for in-held anger becomes depression
or sickness may grow rampant

The preface of Jennifer’s book
shares how she wrote notes
tied them to a rock and then
threw them into the river

Such ‘cleansing’ rituals help HEAL
Healthiest to find our own
Mine incorporates a meditation
listing out all qualms that might harm

Deeds unintentionally gone haywire
unskilful words that might hurt
harmful attitudes
and all that blisters

Buy black sesame seeds
for the colour reflects the darkness
Light a fire in safe conditions
and burn them with a scooped hand

Thinking of those things outstanding
that would benefit from a life BAN
knowing that if I bottle them
I’m filling myself with toxins

downloadHealthier Potions

Catholics had confession
some write or work it out
Do you have such a ‘cleansing’ ritual
to keep your mind/heart clean?

Daily Prompt:  Bottle –  pictures courtesy of the net


  1. I tend to talk with someone, or journal if I can’t do that. I have occasionally found writing a letter and burning it useful if i can’t reach someone. This post is one that the world needs to read really because as you say, when we bottle we keep the toxins and the risk is that we become the toxins. Jung spoke at length about the shadow and how we need to own the side we try to repress for the same reason. Well said Kate and much needed.

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  2. This is great Kate I like how you tie our emotions to a bottle and if saved they become toxic. It’s so necessary to find a stress outlet and everyone is different. Thank you for mentioning my book and cleansong ritual here, I really appreciate it 😊

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  3. I exercise regularly..if i am too stressed and too tied up over some issues i do road run…its amzing how the mornig breeze can calm me down. On a regular note i do yoga, this keeps me sane.

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  4. Very sage thoughts, ck… no pun intended, but sage is something we burn regularly for cleansing our thoughts, body, homes and spirit. It’s a very calming ritual and recently was the point of a study that found our smudges (the burning of various herb and plant material), was actually a very effective disinfectant of bacteria in our homes. Our community gets to laugh once in awhile, about how ‘modern science’ is finally catching up to our ancient knowledge. 🙂 .

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    • great knowledge to share thanks Blog Woman, in Asia they burn juniper, in oz our first Australians burn the leaves of various native plants for the same reasons as you 🙂
      lol glad science is eventually catching up with you 🙂

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  5. Insightful and valuable reminders Kate. It’s all too easy to put things away and forget about them while they fester. I’ve always tended to write things out to externalise and get some distance. Over recent years mindfulness has helped in viewing things in a different light before they have a chance to be bottled up.

    P.S. I think there may be a problem with the link.

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  6. Excellent, Kate!
    I’ve participated, several times, in writing down the negatives on paper and burning them in a fire pit. That IS very cleansing!
    I walk, meditate, write, talk with a friend…in each of these ways I can release the negatives.
    If we bottle them up and keep the bottles, it’s too easy to open them up again. Maybe we should bottle them up and mail the bottles to Mars. Oh, no wait, that wouldn’t be nice! Poor Martians! 😉
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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  7. Hello Kate,
    A really lovely post highlighting cleansing rituals…it has me thinking. Mine would have to be using essential oils, talking with friends, having a good cry and heading off by myself into nature.
    Thank you for asking 💐🌟🌟

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  8. I’ve kept a journal for years, and that is where I find it most comfortable to purge all my more intense emotions. Otherwise, I walk around with stuff like a lead weight on my shoulders. I’m not good with confrontations. Writing is much better

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