Would you call Jill a paragon of virtue
she tries to do her very best
As a child she was a goodie two shoes
always trying to please others and do the right thing

But whatever she did or said wasn’t good enough
taught her to value herself and get more tough
As her self worth grew her insecurities withdrew
and she found a sense of vast freedom

Daily Prompt:  Paragon


  1. That distinction makes all the difference, doesn’t it, Kate? When someone is “good” merely for others, for appearances-sake, that “virtue” is forced, tenuous and, ultimately, is unworthy. We all know people like that, who are more concerned with the image they’re projecting, than with the good they’re doing.

    Fortunately, Jill eventually built the security to pursue virtue for the way it benefits the emotional environment. If others appreciate the effort, all the better, but the consideration no longer dictates her actions.

    Yes, then, Jill is a paragon. Now, however, that opinion is nice, but it’s irrelevant to Jill’s goodness.

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