In life we all have to endure
betrayal, put downs, criticisms and rejections
but we all have the inner resilience to cope

Don’t let these puncture your ego
for then we are in imminent danger
of a volatile over reaction

Take your time to think
out a more reasoned response
to ensure that you turn it to your advantage

Sometimes walking away is a better measure
especially if your pride is regarded a treasure
for reacting gives them the victory

Yet exit, silence or a calmer response
can save us much heartache and pain
leaving them looking silly to wear the shame

There is no excuse for us to stoop low
for a skilful response brings a warm inner glow
Be wary of the seeds that you sow

For their tirade, carry on and belittling
comes from jealousy and insecurity
Emotions that they must deal with

As it is surely no reflection on us
we were just the target of their barbs
as they try to puncture our heart

Show that you are the victor by not reacting
don’t take it personally it is their problem
use your wisdom to make them ponder

Where their carry on comes from
for if they don’t have the sensitivity or intuition
then nothing we say or do will really help

Daily Prompt:  Puncture