The greatest revelation I can have is finding my purpose in life
so many drift, sucked into consumerism and accumulation
such superficiality leaves discontent
and they indulge unhealthy crutches

Best to know my core values, help each other,
embrace diversity and know that I am worthy
Makes my life meaningful and the sun shines brighter


Daily Prompt:  Revelation


  1. You have summed up what I think our life purpose(s) should be! And then people have other purposes, too…like someone meant to be an artist has a purpose I don’t have. But, I can express important messages and beauty in other ways.
    I’m amazed when I meet adults who don’t think they have a purpose or who don’t know their life purpose. I wish they were bloggers so they could read your blog!
    As you said so well, to know yourself and love yourself, live a meaningful life, embrace diversity, give to and help others…these have great purpose and we can all make them our purpose!
    HUGS!!! 😉

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