World Order

Not so easy to get a photo of this one but try I must ..
these are the ten multinationals that control our market
But lets not forget those who make billions from
pharmaceuticals, war profiteers and dictators

Health complications exacerbated by meds
Brainwashed by lucrative promises of easy solutions
Medical services only addressing symptoms as
we are too lazy to adopt healthier lifestyles

The multinational IT gurus who never pay taxes
who continue to manufacture throw-away goods
wasting our resources on phone and tablets
that must be replaced each year

Who also sell all our details to the highest bidder
but freely give it to any so-called ‘security’ dept.
whose off shore call lines offer no real help
their profits assured as we rely on their services

Plus our politicians who rob us blind
whilst stock piling lucrative kickbacks
As we become more aware discontent rises
our voting patterns change yet they ignore our dissatisfaction

as I am just an ordinary citizen I’m sure I’ve missed some ‘disorder’ so please share your findings or reactions to this verse of malfunction … image is from the net

WPC:  Order


  1. All these atrocities, yet the individual refuses to even look out for themselves and their families. Big industry has shielded itself from the ongoing harm it causes. It hides behind a cloak in the image of a giant breast for society to suckle. This false sense of nurturing provides reassurance to those choosing to feed from this source of PAIN and DISEASE. The reduced costs surely makes this a great value.

    We have sacrificed our “legs” and been provided wheelchairs. We no longer choose the direction in life to follow. We are lead down a path that supports the Industry’s needs.

    Until we are willing to face this REALITY, our lives will continue to be sacrificed for the benefit of the CORPORATION.

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  2. Thank you for sharing your words and concerns. I am in agreement.
    All of this is sad and scary. And even sadder that most people just go along blindly. But, I guess, life beats people up and they are so focused on their own struggles that it becomes easy for leaders and businesses to take advantage of them. 😦

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  3. In America, we have a President with no experience in politics who is making most voters sorry what they wished for….which just goes to show that electing non-politicians isn’t necessarily the answer. There are good and bad in every field, including politics. For people to vote for a big talker like Trump on the basis that he wasn’t tainted by politics is a big cop-out by lazy thinkers who want easy answers.

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  4. A real concern that we have little choice, and eroded personal rights in food and products. Monsanto would be a classic commercial bully. But the whole commercial reluctance to be transparent and accountable troubles me.

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  5. Even worse is how our telecommunications companies and press outlets are largely deregulated. There are a few big giants in each arena. The telecoms are working hard to take away net neutrality and six companies own all the mainstream media outlets.

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    • yes you are right about that forgot Packer and Murdoch who have and will stoop low to make another billion … and the telecoms could come under that IT paragraph above … little neutrality in any of these big money hungry businesses!

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