Checking the lie of the land from a distance
gives us a far more objective outlook
sure the details may not be so clear
but we get a much broader perspective

If we can do likewise with our decisions
it would enable wiser choices
Is it in agreement with our values?
Will it make a difference?

Daily Prompt:  Distant


  1. Stepping back is sometimes difficult. I had that on one of my professional references, needs to learn to step back, see the bigger picture. I so agree with this poem.

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  2. Yes, yeas, and a thousand yeses more!

    It helps to zoom out every once in while, to restore things to their proper perspective. I may hyperventilate now about A, but really, is it going to matter in the slightest in 2042?

    We often obsess so over trifles. Busy staring at our feet (and mumbling), we walk right past what’s important without seeing it. No-one’s immune to this; we all do it…constantly. That’s why we have others, to zoom us up to 20,000 feet. After all, we do the same for them.

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  3. This makes me think of rainbows. Because each of us sees the same rainbow differently.
    It’s all angles. Looking at all the pieces first is always a good idea. 🙂

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