Many children have imaginary friends
but as we grow imagination can stagnate
or be channelled into our creative outlet

But our imagination runs hideous riot with our
expectations of others
our boss or partner should be like this or that

If we don’t know the facts
we invent our own story
so our imagination can cause us harm


Daily Prompt:  Imaginary


  1. Yes, true! Good warning poem! 🙂

    You always get us thinking about the most interesting, important things, Kate! 🙂 I have a vivid imagination, but I try to keep it reined in, and realistic. I put it into the fiction stories I write.

    This might sound weird, but I think porn does this…it sets up expectations that are not humanly possible or realistic…and it makes people unhappy even when their life is good….they think they can find a partner like a person in a film or expect their current partner to be like a person in a film…what they don’t realize is the film is fake, fiction, fantasy and even the people playing the characters are NOT like those characters in their own/real lives.

    I had two imaginary friends when I was a little girl. Which is interesting because I had 7 siblings. Ha. Why I needed/wanted two more kids in the house is crazy. 😛

    HUGS!!! 🙂

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    1. two is unusual, maybe they fulfilled different roles? You could be right about porn, I attribute much of the disrespectful abuse of women/girls in India to too many hours of porn watching … and cultural attitudes … anyone want to debate this? 🙂
      Yes I do love to make others think, that’s my aim … never any right or wrong, just checking why we are here and what can we improve 🙂

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  2. I don’t always have control of my imagination, and sometimes that’s a good thing. But more often, what I can imagine is far worse than reality, so I have to be intentional about reining it in.

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