Verbal Detonators

Let verbal hand grenades fly
share gossip or even lie
spread slander, swear, bully,
create chasms between others

By detonating a bombshell
you know will shock
just to get a reaction
some specialise in verbal violence

Which precipitates disunity
raises suspicions and discomfort
anonymity in cyber space
allows people to disturb

Appreciate open honest chat
without hidden agendas
or stabbing in the back
direct and clear, avoid all fear

Give these violators the short shift
don’t tolerate verbal violence
in any form, make them conform
to the healthier norm

Daily Prompt:  Detonate


  1. We seem more inclined to intentionally offend an audience whose distance makes it impossible to look eye to eye while offering rebuttal. The joy of DISCUSSION and learning new perspectives has been replaced by accusations of RACISM, HOMOPHOBIA, XENOPHOBIA, etc… if one simply disagrees with policy or plan of action to change policy. Vehement disagreement can remain respectful. Shouting accusations at each other breaks down all real communication resulting in greater unrest and factionalism. This becomes a losing battle for all involved.

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  2. It’s so sad on this great invention The Internet that people can be such bullies, name-callers, etc. 😦 I want to hope they would not say those ugly things they say if they had to look people in the eyes.
    But, who knows. ??? 😦
    We all (the peoples of the whole world) have more in common than we do differences. We all want to love, be loved, be safe, be respected, be understood, be free to be who we are, etc. I wish all people could think of these things and be more compassionate.
    Great, important poem you wrote, Kate! Thank you! 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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  3. Couldn’t agree more! I’m appalled at the name-calling that goes on, especially on the internet and social media. It’s an attack, usually on those who dare to disagree with us or do something we don’t approve of. And it’s wrong.

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  4. There truly needs to be an updated Etiquette Book for internet users.
    But alas… common sense should be more common since in general if all were to think before they spoke there would be much less ‘bombs’ in verbiage.

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