Radiate Light

Whatever we do think or say

radiates out as our energy

which then attracts or repels others

The night sky radiates light and wonder

I wish to become stellar to do the same

so that I can shine indiscriminately upon all

What energy do you radiate … 

Daily Prompt:  Radiate


  1. Excellent, Kate! We should all shine like the night sky! I take a couple of walks (with my dog) at night…I enjoy looking at the moon and stars, etc.! 🙂
    I’ve been told I mostly radiate fun, positive energy. From little girl on, to today, I’ve always enjoyed making people laugh and smile.
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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  2. Such a lovely message here in your poem Kate. I’m just listening to a talk about everybody being touched by the energy we radiate out. We are not islands enclosed in bubble wrap but affect each other greatly. Here’s to us all being able to radiate compassionate energy.
    Thank you for this post 😍🌟🌟

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  3. In my science courses I taught that “all energy travels in waves”. It’s a sound scientific principle, yet somehow we don’t recognize that our energy affects others around us. I hope that I radiate the energy of purpose and the promise of accomplishment through perseverance.

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  4. Being stellar and lighting the shadows is a good wave to ride.
    I had such fun these last two weeks having my grands – (during the day.)
    They bring their light and we go round in circles – giggle light is the best!

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