Just as swirling waves leave their impression in the sand
so to do our thoughts leave imprints in our mind
which can erupt into actions without our full consent

So be careful what you think and where emotions take you
for they become motivations and impact our psyche
we may think that no one can see or hear them

But their impression becomes deeply embedded
so be aware of the impressions you leave
on your mind-stream and in your interactions

For fear guilt hate harm insecurity jealousy anger
find skillful outlets before they burn too deep
arouse courage responsibility love care balance laughter patience

Daily Prompt:  Impression – must admit I am greatly impressed by many bloggers talents!


  1. Yes! So very true! 🙂
    It’s so sad when we can’t be kinder to ourselves…practice good thoughts, believe in ourselves, etc. 😦
    And, I, too am impressed by the blogger I read…their words often give me a smile, a laugh, something to think about, some good advice, wisdom I need to hear, and so much more.
    I’m not sure they will ever really understand or realize how important they, and their words are.
    Thank you, Kate, for how positively your words have impacted me, and thank you for how often you make me smile! 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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  2. So very true. Balancing emotions takes practice and effort. On the one hand, they can feel like a raging “fire” igniting passion for living. On the other hand they can cause one to withdraw so deeply within, daily survival becomes questionable. Emotions are powerful abstract feelings I personally turn to for strength and guidance.

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  3. This is a true true statement. I’ve started a separate journal for the “negative” thoughts I have and that keep coming back. Some of these are arguments I had with co-workers years ago but they still bother me so much. Once I write them out, they disappear. Doing that and meditation have helped me tremendously in keeping the emotions and feelings at a healthy positive level.

    Thanks, as always, for your well-crafted thoughts.

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    • maybe tearing those pages out and having a burning of them might help the dissolution? I prefer not to give them any energy, to focus on the positive so the negative just fade of their own accord. But old persistent ones need a ‘ritual’, was talking to Jennifer about this so might share my ritual soon … thanks Paul

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  4. I’m impressed 🙂 seriously though, wierd, I was just talking about this very thing with some friends tonight, and now you have written this timely piece. Yes we must express our stuff before it poisons us ^

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    • great that you do Simon, sadly too many have no idea what a huge influence they have .. being judgemental, racism, ageism, etc … we think nobody has ‘heard’ but then we say unwittingly something out loud …

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