Britain’s Grief

Babies squeeze through their mothers passage and are then catapulted into life
Childhood can be nurturing and then we are forced into career choices
with responsibilities to earn a living so that we can pay the bills

Some are flung into traumatic situations
such as abuse, slavery, war and so much more …
None of us requested this but it comes with that package called life

Just as so many in Britain are catapulted into shocked mourning
as loved ones dead or injured with many more traumatised
their very safety and beliefs thrown into question …

Our prayers and thoughts go to them as they try to make sense
of such violence while a group of fanatics have achieved their goal
to spread fear and hate so we plunged into dark depths

For those who have a spiritual connection now is the time for prayers
for only peace love and compassion can serve us as we reel with grief
please support any catapulting into dark places, help them survive

daily Prompt:  Catapult


  1. Thank you Kate for your very kind words. Terrorists create the Victims young or old, the extremist Muslim Terrorists don’t care they are beyond care whatever desire they have to destroy the Western World they will not. The UK knew it would be attacked again we were warned after London but we did not know how or when, Manchester was the Terrorists answer. This Terrorist that blew himself up was known, why have his family friends not been arrested why have they not been deported if they were complicit with him. We have in this Country Men who formed White Slavery groups, raping young white girls some barely 13 and yet they are still in this Country despite being told they would be Deported FIVE YEARS ago. All over the UK their are these White Slavery Groups and nothing is done for fear of upsetting the Muslim Community. Its more than ridiculous. Manchester will be remembered as will all the other loss of life in the recent Terrorist Attacks, we must never forget, but we must also be honest.

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  2. I am taking a short break from our trip to be one in prayers along with thise killed and injured..and at the same time been checking on people i knew who live there..
    It saddens me though to realize that my own country (currently out of my country for a sumer trip) is also under attack now..there is a news of an attack in one of the cities..schools and hospitals were burned down….responsibilies have been claimed by the same people who bombed Manchester..

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  3. I am always so shocked and so saddened that anyone can do such horrific things. 😦

    Your poem expresses what our reaction should be…and that we should take action to help those in pain and in mourning.

    Quote from Mr. Fred Rogers: “When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, “Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.”

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