Moored or Adrift?

as the boat gently glided from its mooring
the waves lapped at its hull as it drifted on the current

some struggling to connect feel a similar effect
drift along with the majority rocking unstably

emotional connections seem vital for quality of life
for without them we seem to bounce about in strife

Daily Prompt:  Unmoored and Adrift


  1. So true and well written, Kate!
    The ocean waves…whether their sound barely perceptible or loud and powerful…are always mesmerizing to me.
    Yes, connections to others are so important for our emotional good health.
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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  2. Precisely, Kate. Without orientation, without the navigational (emotional) charts our will and our interactions provide, we drift aimlessly.

    Soon we have no idea where we are. The ocean looks all the same, featureless, when we’re unmoored.

    Give us some buoying currents and a decided purpose, though, and it’ll be a great cruise!

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  3. So true kate…you are always inspiring…i am just a bit frustrated with my WP lately ..i havent been receiving any notifications at all…i have been losing people i follow..

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