Bird Chat

Enjoyed a nice long cycle this morning and these a few of the critters I clicked along the way …. let me know if you want to see more?

These gulls with prime real estate
think that they rule the world
White right and arrogant no matter

BC - 1

This one is Elle of the bird world
lingering by the shore she’s tall
elegant and thin with fine feathered lingerie


This colourful lorikeet lives in a tree ghetto
with a happy boisterous community
loud full of fun freedom and chatter

$%? $%? $%?

Lorikeets are coloured but gulls don’t dominate
them making laws they may or may not enforce

Elegant Elle haunts the shores all alone
too beautiful rich and famous to find a mate

Arrogant gulls fight amongst themselves
oblivious of others they leave a real mess



  1. Whoa! Terrific photos. the first with the gulls and the foaming waves coming in was perfect and then the next, calm, beautiful heron? What a beauty. And the lorikeets. Wow, that’s the first I’ve ever heard of them. Just beautiful. Loved your descriptions. 🙂
    Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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  2. Kate these photos are so beautiful! Your bike ride sounds like it was just amazing. I’m glad you blogged about it after you said you were going to go 😊 Your descriptions of the birds is great too!

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  3. What beautiful birds! Your photos are lovely! Thank you for taking us along with you!
    I’d enjoy seeing more! And I loved your descriptions!
    Bird watching is so much fun! And we can learn a lot from them!
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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