Cultural Heritage

My feature photo is of Lyndon Davis with the Gubbi Gubbi Dance Troupe … they perform at many events and travel broadly.  They are local traditional landowners and are keeping the culture and connection to country.  Lyndon is a font of knowledge about medicinal plants, wildlife and seasons and their interconnection, speaks his language and is a great example to many.  His sister Bridgette is also a special healing woman with a strong insight into country connections.  Please google them if you want to know more?

This photo appeals because it clearly demonstrates the heritage of our First Australians adapting to present at a conference in learning institution.  They are great adapters.
The scene jars for me just as our invading culture must jar for them!

Version 2

Uncle Herb Wharton is a senior who had been a drover who smoked and drank too much … as his ageing process caught up he decided to give it all up overnight and took up writing, now he is a well published author and poet, a true gentleman in every sense. He travels extensively to present at conferences which is what he is doing here.


Here is Lyndon Davis in a more natural setting as he presents after a coastal walk with his people, they share their culture to educate others.

And to read more about how government and Church treated our children in a similar vein to Ben’s post search for my article “Survival

WPC:  Heritage

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