My family was always hospitable
grew up with two cousins
and a range of others
who came as needed

My maternal grandma for years
son of deaf parents
so he would be made to speak
we had so little but were ready to share

When I have been in need of help
it seems poorer families readily
offered hospitality … their home
and whatever was needed

For hospitality means ‘service’
now it’s big business that we pay for
a waiter, hotel staff, bartender
with training, a union and an agenda

Know which type I prefer
but then I’ve never been a material girl
too often when we offer hospitality
its only to those we know well

For peace and harmony we need
to extend that out to embrace diversity
for conflict has displaced far too many
yet surely those who sent troops

Have some kind of responsibility for their care
So why do we limit refugee intake
Discriminate when employing, etc
Please extend hospitality for their sake?

For our world has limited resources
so those with more need to share
Learn to offer hospitality more readily
To those not as fortunate as us!

Daily Prompt:  Hospitality


  1. Their was a show I watched based on a true story where a woman invited 3 strangers to become part of her home – which later was turned into a welcoming facility, legally. The short of it was her children who weren’t close couldn’t see how she helped those people become better by giving them responsibilities in her home and help them to get education and jobs. It really was a win win. for that widow.

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      • She kept telling them that it helped her too, because her family wasn’t close and she was lonely… I think she was careful on her selections though – If I remember she had known the folks she invited in and knew some of their circumstance.

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  2. Hello Kate,
    Sometimes we’d love to do something but it can be daunting to know where to begin….
    It begins with being charitable to everyone and offering a smile to those who may feel as if they are in a minority, just to give a simple example. It’s in the basics we can shine.
    Thank you for a lovely poetic post. I’m off to reply to your email too now 🙂💕

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  3. Right on! I wish all people believed and practiced this way of life! 🙂
    All the peoples of the world have more in common than they do differences. So all should seek to make each one’s journey a bit easier and nicer when we can. 🙂
    Kate, your words are always a bright spot in my day! Thank you! 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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