Reflecting on Mother

With Mothers Day here let’s reflect:
Mothers are most precious
for they gave us life itself
fed, clothed and protected us

Some mothers have moved on now
but live in our heart and our memories
Their love and labour fondly recalled
as we reflect on their impact on our life

Yet some had mothers who were unkind
abandoned, rejected, abused or neglected.
Unable to rise to their responsibility for too
many reasons, kids grow up feeling unloved

Others had to relinquish their child
for various reasons: too young,
mental health or protection orders
both suffer the consequences

Please share your reflections on your mother or being a mother?

Photo illustrates looking at life from another angle – sunset in the high rise windows

WPC:  Reflecting

pic from my patio at Alex


  1. In reading other people’s comments, I find the responses touching and heartbreaking. Being a mother and being a parent is certainly not necessarily the same thing. A parent is a guardian; a person with legal responsibilities. A mother is a nurturing source of love who makes so many sacrifices for the well being of her children. She is a source of strength and encouragement. She is the omnipotent angel in the eyes of a young child; she is the essence of beauty in the eyes of a grown child.

    I would like acknowledge and thank all MOTHERS who have dedicated the most important part of their lives to their children. It takes a very special person to fill those shoes!

    Happy Mother’s Day to All! 🙂

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  2. I think I’ve gotten closer to my mom as I’ve gotten older. She’s become one of my good friends these days. She taught me how to cook, clean, etc. growing up. She’s always been around through good and bad times. She’s always been a good person to confide in. I’m a mom to an 11-year-old son. It takes a village to raise him 😉 but I do my best. I’ve been a single mom for years. I’m not a perfect mom at all.

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  3. My mother had 8 children and I feel like she did the best she could. Often, growing up, I felt like one of my older sisters was a mother to me in many ways. I was fortunate. My mom died a few years ago.

    Being a mom, and being a grandmom, have been THE most wonderful parts of my life! I am fortunate! 🙂

    Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms!
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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  4. I had an intelligent, compassionate, graceful, gracious mother whose low self esteem (and an unsupportive husband) caused her always to feel that she fell short of the mark. She didn’t. She died some years ago, but she is always on my mind, and I try to be more like her. I’m still a long way from reaching my goal.
    I’m pleased theat you included the last stanza – I have a friend who falls into that category. She felt the only thing she could do was to give her child up for adoption. It broke her heart. He’s 25 now, and his amazing adoptive parents have paved the way for her to have a relationship with her son.

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  5. I have not hidden how my Mother felt about me how I’m still at times to this day finding it hard to understand how she could not have loved me or even her only Grandchildren, my Sons. On the other hand I longed so much for Children, I was lucky to be blessed with two Sons, and we have a great relationship. Being a Mother to me was the only good thing I have done in my life, yet I envy those women who had the love of a Mother. We have had Mother’s Day here in the UK but I wish you all a Wonderful Mother’s Day.

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  6. Apt reflections about mothers. Yes, Mothers are supreme. They are heroes and blessed with the milk of kindness. Mothers possess an innate love for their children hence the unconditional love that is synonymous with ‘good’ mothers. God bless our mothers for all they represent in our lives! Xo

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