Crazy Maze

Do you often feel lost in a foggy haze,
your life and mind like a maze?

Do you really like this fractured daze
Or need to find focus and calming ways

Arrange some colourful blooms in a vase
Or potter about in the garden, just laze

Sit by a large body of water and gaze
Laze about soaking up the sun rays

sunrise from Coolgardie NSW

Calm and focus is a healthier phase
Than tossed about in a mindless craze

 Choose wisely how you spend your days
For what you sew will surely raise

Living by our core values lays
the foundation to escape this insane maze

Daily Prompt:  Maze



  1. Fun rhymes! Good message! This was a joy to read out loud! 🙂
    The water and the sun are always life-giving and refreshing!

    I’m glad you mentioned the letter issue…I’ve had that problem for a few days…I thought it was my keyboard, but it was only doing it on WordPress. Now, tonight it is not doing it. YAY! 🙂

    HUGS!!! 🙂

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  2. This was a fun rhyming poem Kate, one we can all relate to. And yes, last week I had trouble with my Rs, I thought it was just me and my silly PC.


  3. A fun read with a GREAT undertone message. It’s interesting…when most people think about life, do you think the FIRST thought is abundant magnificence or daily difficulties? It’s amazing to me that MINDSET rarely gains the attention (I believe) is a MAJOR COMPONENT to enjoying and succeeding in life.

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  4. Great rhymes here! And yes, I have the same problem if I try to type using R or L sometimes. Today it seems to be working but yesterday I had to copy pasta the whole time. I got so frustrated I just used the phone app.

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  5. I face this issue everytime I try to update something through browser. Try restarting your system, atleast it worked for me. But I think it’s some issue with the browser supporting WP.

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