Some people feel exposed in many ways
so they wear their masks, put up a front
to hide their true nature
Yet each of us has a good heart

For if we lie, break our promises or the law
our errors will eventually be exposed
for its only a matter of time before our crime
comes back to make us squirm with discomfort

But far worse is the angst it causes us
as we become restless, creates an inner fuss
because we all have conscience’s
and we do know right from wrong

The internal conflict it causes is more unsettling
than any punishment incurred
for we are aware we’ve let others down
easier to try to connect with our kindness

Be more honest and radiate love
for when we gossip, lie or steal
others know we are not the real deal
To earn trust and respect

We need to nurture our genuineness
For real connection comes from
authentic communication and loyalty
Then we need never fear being exposed

Daily Prompt:  Exposed