Suggestions for Better Blogging
Point is that if we are blogging for ourselves then it doesn’t really matter!
Personally I feel it is about communicating and interacting just as much as the posting so when I follow I do read your posts, or most of them for those who post several a day. When I ‘like’ them I mean it and my comments are genuine.

Clues for Engagement – If you want to attract my interest best way is to comment on my posts … that way we get to know each other and build a relationship.

Do you have any questions for me?

Honest Feedback for My Regulars

What do you like about my blog?

What do you enjoy about my posts?

How can I improve either my blog or my posts?

What would you like to see more of?


Following my post “Apprenticeships” Simon, David and others kindly offered me assistance … so here are my more technical questions to improve my blogging …

WordPress Forums … I have posted a few questions but if anyone did answer I have NO idea … in that I didn’t get any notification and had NO idea how to find my question again. When I have opened topics on the forum there seems to be 2-5 answers and then a notice that the topic is closed.

So did I miss something? Are there any open general discussions to participate in?

Joining Posts – can I join two or three of my posts and retain the corresponding likes and comments from each of them?

Daily Prompt:  Better – thanks heaps everyone!