A convent guest asked what being a nun meant
“It means N – O – N – E” and off she went ..
Listed things they have vows to refrain from,
plus no hair, no make-up, no ornament

Different appearance and more vows to help them
watch their thoughts, words and deeds
as these all plant corresponding seeds
with the overall aim to benefit others

They try to love all as their mother
the extra vows and prayers they do
are moral ethics to discipline their minds
so they can love all equally and be more kind!

Some think it may be too rigid
but does help stop their mental fidget
Claim their minds are calming
And if not mindful it can be alarming

It liberates one
to allow concentration on
mindful practice while
reducing worldly distraction

Seems to work for them
As they claim their minds become vast, free
So try meditation yourself and see?
Sit quietly and just be.

No one person can change the whole world
but by calming our own minds
letting thoughts be unfurled
contentment and calm is what we should find!


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