Not sure when my wanderlust grew
with an English grandmother
and a great aunt who had travelled broadly
I felt the call of UK relatives and the world to explore

My only childhood ambition was to travel
A browse of my blog will indicate
that I worked three jobs just to be gone
Once I hit my budget target I was off

Just before my 21st I took my first flight
Cried for nearly ten hours
overwhelmed by my dare
then my first ever stay in a hotel

1 (5).jpg

Initial plan to travel by sea was shattered
so overland from Kathmandu to London
Worked in Germany and London
Travelled some more then back home

Camped and bartered my way back
to make every penny stretch
Russia was just making its presence felt
in those countries currently war torn

Experienced earthquakes, bombings,
many characters and marriage requests
so know what I was worth in camels
Further extensive travel and resided abroad

1 (4).jpg

About to let my passport expire
as inner exploration is all I desire
Would encourage all to follow your dreams
but real contentment comes from deep within

WPC: Wanderlust

The photos I chose depict my passion for old architecture, more rural scenes are scattered throughout my blog.  Please note Goreme Valley, Turkey in “Tenacity” and a delightful view of Wales from Mt Cader Ideris in “Climbing Status”.  

Here my feature photo is of Seville, Spain showing the old and new cities;
then the Royal Courts of Justice (London’s High Court) on Fleet Street; the Wig and Pen is a magical place having survived the Great Fire of London and became a significant meeting point for one of my big adventures;
and finally Persepolis’s ‘Gate of All Nations’ 515BC in Iran.