If your day feels real grey
Chat with one who cares, have your say
Take in fresh air as you stride around the bay

Pick up a brush and paint your attitude a brighter hue
Dig deep to find your gratitude and stick to it like glue
Read something uplifting, popping prosaic your last clue

Or if your grey matter struggles to tick along
Best remedy is to belt out your favourite song
Learn a new language for study makes it strong

Look after your physical and inner health
For fame and fortune are not real wealth
Avoid your faculties dissipating by stealth

Be sure to change any greyness as it arises
Be wary for it comes in many disguises
Uplift your own mood and surprise us!

Daily Prompt: Gray


  1. Your words illuminate the grey dawn of morning…
    The sun seemed to rise late this day, and cloud cover persists.
    However there are things to do (and read) to keep the glow in our hearts bright 🙂

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    • yes the glow comes from inside, especially in your cold harsh winters … reason to keep posting about the growth and sun here … although the fires are still burning cazy, we lost 973 homes in this state alone over the past couple of months!

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  2. Great advice, Kate, and you offer the best possible solution, to find someone else to share the moment.

    How does it go – trouble shared is trouble halved, while joys shared are joys doubled? Makes no sense from a cold, mathematical perspective, yet somehow, it just…is.

    And here we are, grinning at the sublime paradox.

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