Our statistics on WP can spike
Our life usually has a few spikes
But best known is Spike Milligan
a deceased comedian was born in India

He was a comedian, writer and star.
I remember him from The Goons
and other TV appearances, dry
but hilarious in a very British manner

Spike had severe bi polar with
at least ten lengthy breakdowns
which he openly discussed
So many of my heroes had a diagnosis

A prolific poet among many talents
reknowned as the best British comic poet
‘Ning Nang Nong’ was well loved in oz
he was gifted as those who suffer often are

So when your stats or life spikes
be prepared for the down turn
as like this guy what goes up
must eventually come down …

Oops just checked with Mr G [googled]
and it seems some actor was a vampire
so younger people might know him
better than my hero?

And be wary in night clubs where drinks
are often spiked by nasties up to no good.
Wow our English language has so many different
usages of words, respect to those who learn it!

Daily Prompt:  Spike